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"collinette" from Nagae+

Well... When I saw this unique design object, I had no idea what it was!

This about 7.5cm round object is called "collinette".

"collinette" means "small hill". This is a pressure point massage item made by aluminium. You can use as Gua sha.

This item is very handy. You can take this everywhere!

collinette is used for massaging from head to toe. The cold feeling texture beautifuly maches with its rounded gentle shape. Actually my husband likes to put this in the fridge before he uses. It fits in your hand nicely and to press harder or gentlly as you like. You can simply put this on the floor and put your foot on top of collinette to massage your sole of foot.

The collinette which is in this lovely Nagae+ wooden box is an ideal gift item too.






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