PIARAS - the NPO for traditional handmade washi paper


I would like to introduce PIARAS today.

PIARAS is a Non-Profit Organization for traditional handmade WASHI paper.

PIARAS was established in April 2012. Their mission is to keep remaining Washi paper as Japanese tradition, especially as the number of craftmen manufacturing Japanese handmade washi paper is decreasing. Also, to make people to interest in Japanese culture and history. One of their goal is to extend Japanese culture overseas.

Washi paper has registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage and since then, Washi paper so since then, Whashi paper has been known globally.

PIARAS has various activities, such as holding exhibition for Washi paper artists, holding Washi paper art class, etc..

One of their activity is called "PIARAS bear". The workshop of the bear, whch was made by recycled paper, is in Iwate and PIARAS bear leads to the recovery support for TOHOKU. You can purchase the "Bear kit" (1,620yen) too.

Also, they have "Multiple Washi Paper" as one of their products. You can make your original multiple washi paper, like the picture one. It is a cat watermark design in the picture, for example. You can use the "Multiple Washi Paper" as you like, such as a messae card and a coaster for your guests. It isonly 540 yen for 30 papers.

The paper art work by Washi paper feels very gentle and warm. They use the technique called "Chigirie", which is to tear the paper by hand.

If you would like to know further information, please visit their site;


Official website: http://piaras.org

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/npopiaras







PIARASの活動の一つとして、「PIARAS ベア」があります。リサイクルした古紙を使ったベアの工房は岩手県にあり、東北の復興支援活動に繋がっています。「PIARAS ベア」キットは1.620円で購入することができます。





Official website: http://piaras.org

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/npopiaras

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