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Cosmetics for professional use by Wing Sense


I would like to introduce special skin care cosmetics of Wing Sense Co., Ltd., today.

Wing Sense products have been generally used only for Japanese professionals, such as esthetic salons and beauty clinics for many years.

One of the Wing Sense's main brand, Ever Feel Cosmetics's wish and concept is "To Make Your Skin Happy". Electrolyzed deoxidized ionized water, not just a purified water, and carefully selected natural ingredients are used for this products. Therefore their skin care series has excellent water permeability to your skin and also has high moisture retaining property to your skin. Not using paraben, oil-based mineral oil, the fragrance at all, is their special future too.

Wing Sense have great range of other skin care line too. "ef7" as a high function beauty lotion which is used Electrolyzed Deoxidized and Ionized Water, Crystal Crystal as evolved version of face wash and face treatment lotion, Beauty position as an oil serum, which contains only 100% of organic raw materials, and Active S Essence as natural ceramide essence for composite skin trouble repairrment, and so on I recommend a Lasting UV White Milk for this coming season. This UV milk is not only a sunscreen, it works as well as primer and beauty serum. And of course, non-chemical.

Would be lovely to let your skin feel "Happy", wouldn't it? :)

Ever Feel Cosmetics (in Japanese)

For PB and OEM.

Wing Sense HP (in Japanese)








ウインセンス HP

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