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maromon - a Japanese traditional design fashion brand


I would like to introduce a Japanese fashion brand, "maromon" today.

maromon uses Japanese traditional materials and skill for their products. Design is based on Japanese tradition and symbols too.

"mon" means trade mark, symbol in Japanese. There are family crest (Kamon in Japanese) as their family symbol for example. maromon uses those "mon" for their products.

Those Japanese style shoes, called Jikatabi are so cute with their design and actually very comfortable. Jikatabi has rubber sole and big toe separated. They are generally used for outside work such as construction and external plaster work. Those types of shoes are becoming popular as fashion too!

They have big range of T-shirts as well. I found their unique T-shirt series as "endangered species" for some of their T-shirts design. That is a good idea to care about those living creatures.

They also have the product of cufflinks. All Japanese traditional design, such as Mt. Fuji, Waves, Pine tree, and so on. They are good for gift.

They have more range of products, such as bags, towels, badge, and so on. They use Japanese symbols and their design is simple and unique.

Please visit to their website;



「mon 紋」は、日本語でトレードマークやシンボルいう意味あいです。日本では、家を表すシンボルとして、「家紋」があります。maromonはそのような「紋」をデザインした製品を作っています。






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