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Japanese traditional design printed tights by VIGALA

Hi! I would like to introduce a beautiul Japanese traditional design printed tights today.

When I went to an event the other day, I saw this lovely printed design tights. They are very unique and beautiful. The brand is called VIGALA, from Kyoto. Their Japanese designer is originaly a KIMONO pattern designer and has designed so many different Japanese pattern.

They printed those traditional Japanese design onto those tights to enjoy and to recognize the Japanese traditional deign as a part of your fashion. VIGALA also researched and studied well how to appear the VIGALA tighs makes female's legs to be seen more beautiful.

They catch other people's eyes for sure and great for parties, events and other special occasion. ​

They have many different traditional Japanese design. Using different kinds of flowers, many different colours, Japanese calligraphy, and so on. It is lovely to see the Japanese traditional design maches the modern fashion. Japanese traditional design iPhone case is available too. :)

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Japanese traditional design printed tights by VIGALA from Kyoto

VIGALA online shop:

If you have any inqury about this product in English, please contact us.








VIGALA onlineshop:

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