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Comfortable sounds items by KOIZUMIYA

Ting ting...

I saw these lovely pear shaped bell at an event the other day. They looked adorable! They are actually bells and called "Pear". You can simply pick the top up and to hit the bottom part. The gentle comfortable sound come out from them. I loved the sound...! So gentle and pleasant. it will be nice to start and finish Yoga, meditation, etc..., I thought.

KOIZUMIYA is a brand which is particular about "comfortable sounds".

I also saw those "bird call". They look so nice and sounded like a bird. I can imagine if you use these bird call in the forest, the sound will bring some birds! They can make original top (bird part) as your request too, so you can make your original bird call. :)

They have other products such as "Hananorin" which is "orin (buddhist bell)", "Suzukaze" - wind bell, "Torino ne" - bird designed door bell, etc...

Their design is simple, warm and elegant. KOIZMIYA's products are beautiful in your eyes and comfortable in your ears.

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Comfortable sounds items by KOIZUMIYA

KOIZUMIYA HP (in Japanese and English)

If you have any inqury about their products, please contact us.








「快音」アイテム by 小泉屋


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