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Jewel Tatoos

Hi, I went to a Fashion Expo the other day and I found this product, "Jewel Tattoos"

"Jewel tattoos" is a removable fashion tattoo sticker.

As I have a teenager girl, I can see that should would love this product! They are so easy to put them on and also easy to remove. What you need is just some water to put them on your skin. They last for two to seven days and they are water proof, so you can go to the beach or pool and you do not have to worry to lose your accessories!

They use gold and silver color a lot so they look more like accessories. Also, you can use them as a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, even as a pierce! Also you can use them for your nails and for decorating glass and pottery.

They have the night glow design for your night out as well! And for Halloween! It will be easier than putting full make up on. :)

​​They are designed and created by lovely sisters who always think and to research for what all girls want for their fashion and lifestyle.

Jewel tattoos

They are actually made in China but as company is Japanese and all design, PR and marketing are in Japan, so I decided to introduce this product here. :)


先日、「Fashion Expo」というイベントへ行ってきた際に、「ジュエル タトゥー」という商品を見つけました。







中国製なのですが、作っている会社は日本ということと、デザインやPR、マーケティングなどすべて日本ということで、YaBuy Japanでも掲載させて頂こうと思いました。😊

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