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Erasable - Frixtion pen and pencil

I love Japanese stationaries.

I am sure there are many people have already known this erasable pen series; "FRIXION".

I have two pens and a set of colour pencil.

How you these erasable pen works? The ink is the key. Frixtion pen's ink dessapears when it meats with more than 60C heat. You can rub the ink with using the rubber which is on the bottom of the pens. I often use frixtion pen for correctable writing, especially for meetings - to make my note neat and better than writng with pencil as it is much clearer. My frixtion ball 4 has 4 different colour as black, red, blue and green, very useful!

Recently, I found the Frixtion colour pencil. WOW, so I bought this actually for my friend's daugther. Hope she enjoyes correctable colouring!!






Good for gift 😊

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