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International Gift Show Sep 2015 vol.1 Nagae+

I went to International Gift Show the other day. The show was held in Tokyo Big Sight.

There were so many new products there. I found some nice "Made in Japan" products so I would like to introduce them in this blog. There were a few nice products so I will introduce them separetely. Here is one os them!

I went to Nagae+ booth. The booth was lovely! I love their products... The dispray was simple but magical.

I love their products because of they are simply beautiful. Their products are made by metal with skillful tecnique. The gradiational cups have four different colours as four seasons. The bottom of those cups are not flat, very unique design.

I really loved the place matt! They had two different colour variation at the show. One was red x gold and the other one was blue x silver. It is reversible and the other side was gold (for red x gold) and silver (for blue x silver). The colour appears very nicely and I am sure your guests will be very impressed when you have a home party and if those place mats are on the table!

They have an advanced version of the massage tool which I introduced it on this blog before too. - collinette


先日、東京ビッグサイトにて開催されました、インターナショナルギフトショーに行ってきました。たくさんのメーカー、会社が主品していました中で、いくつか目に付いたステキな「Made in Japan」商品を、こちらのブログで数回に分けてご紹介したいと思います。





以前このブログでご紹介した、colliette の進化バージョンのマッサージツールもありました。こちらはリンパの流れに効くそうです。

ギフトにも、おもてなしにも最適な、Made in Japan商品、Nagae+でした。😊

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