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International Gift Show Sep 2015 Sankoudou

I would like to introduce another lovely Made in Japan product which I saw at the International Gift Show - Sankoudou products. Arita porcelain.

Arita porcelain is famous porcelain which is made from around Arita-cho, Saga, which is in Kyushu. Also as known as "Imari".

Sankoudou was founded in 1925 in Arita cho. Kyushu is also famous for sake and shochu (Japanese sprits) so I saw quite a few design of sake glasses, shochu glasses and beer glasses, as well as for tea, The top of the picture, small ones are for sake and bigger glasses are for beer. They fit in your hand nicely. :)

They have great range of gift collection. Those gold and silver sake vessel looked gorgeous. I love their simple design. Also I love their delicate and rich colour as well.

Of course, they are great for your own too!

Those peony designed table ware in the third picture are very beautiful too. I found how to make those peony design in their web site,

Sorry, it is in Japanese but you still can see the process in the picture.

They said that this products are popular as gift for wedding, cereblation and for parents. They also said that they are very popular for Chinese people.









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