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Fashion World Tokyo Oct 2015 Villa

Hi! Another Expo in Tokyo report!

I went to this Fashion World Tokyo on Friday 2nd October. There were Apparel Expo, Bag Expo, Accesories Expo, Textille Expo and so on. I looked for interesting "Made in Japan" products. :)

Well.. I found this scarf, the brand name is "Villa"! This is a Japanese designer brand. This scarf is made by leather and cotton cloths lining on the other side. I LOVE this design... The leather is very soft and gentle on your skin. Moreover, this leather is fabricted as washable (by hand wash). This is very nice for a gift I thought, especially it is difficult to find a gift for men. The leather is from Japan too. :) They have black and gray as colour variation. The cotton side is army design, also the one with the designer, Mr. Nishimura wearing is, small white dots in black. This one is rather chic. I think this is very stylish gift for men.

They had quite a various different products too.

Those wallet with stads, army design bags and shoulder bags, and so on. The designer said actually some of leather is made in Italy. But hey designed by Japaese designer and all products are made in Japan. ;)

If you like to buy Villa products, please contact YaBuy for more details.

>> Today's YaBuy

The leather and cotton scarf - by Villa

¥24,000 (plus tax)



今回は10月2日に、ファッション ワールド 東京というエキスポ(展示会)に、新しい「Made in Japan」を探しに行ってきました。ファッションワールドというだけに、「アパレル」、「バッグ」、「テキスタイル」「アクセサリー」と、ファッション関連の展示が充実していました。




>> 今日のYaBuy

皮革とコットンのマフラー by Villa


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