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Hiragana - an accessory brand


Today, I would like to introduce this unique and beautiful accessary brand called "Hiragana".

This "Hiragana" accessory is designed by a Calligraphiest, Saori Kunihiro.

Japanese language has three different characters; Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana. If you learn Japanese writing, the first thing to learn would be Hiragana as Japanese sentences are written with the base being Hiragana.

Hiragana has curvy, soft lines compared to Kanji and Katakana. I had never imagined the Hiragana letter could ever become an accessory! However, Saori's beautiful writing makes Hiragana an "Art" and has created accessories very nicely.

"Hiragana" accessories are simple and delicate, but have the will as it is a word; Such as "Arigatou-ありがとう" (Thank you), "Utsukushii-うつくしい" (Beautiful), "Dream -ゆめ" (Yume) and so on. So it is a great gift to send your messages and/or thoughts.

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"Hiragana" accessory brand by Saori Kunihiro



この「ひらがな」アクセサリーは、書道家の國廣 沙織さんのデザインです。


ひらがなは、漢字、カタカナに比べて、曲線を帯び、柔らかい印象のある文字です。まさかひらがながアクセサリーになりえるなんて、思ってもいませんでした!ですが、國廣 沙織さんの美しい文字はまさしく「アート」であり、とても素敵なアクセサリーとなっています。



「ひらがな」アクセサリー by 國廣 沙織

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