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Platinum Wet Towel by Nishi Senkoh, Imabari

Today, I would like to introduce a "PLATINUM WET TOWEL" by Nishisenkoh. :) Nishi Senkoh is a Japanese dyeing company in Imabarhi, where is very famous for towel products.

Well... wet towels? What is new?? You may think that way, but this is a great product! This towel won't smell although you keep it as wet and put it into the original plastic box. The secret is, Nishisenkoh successfully be able to put platinum onto the towel as finishing their dyeing process. This nano sized platinum avoids the propagation of various germs. So normal wet towels get bad smell as the germs grow on it, but this towels won't! So this towel is washiable, re-usable, handy and very economical. This towel is mady by 100% cotton. It is rather thin but has great water absorbtivity. So you can take it (put it into the original container) with you anywhere! They have 30 different colours too and the each colour has healing meanings. For example, lavender colour for stress relief, coral pink for leading to happiness, sky blue for to extend your talent, etc... You can choose the colour as you like. :)

They also have non-smelly Towels too!

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Platinum Wet Towel by Nishi Senko

Nishi Senko HP (in English)

Online shop (in Japanese)

If you have any inqury please contact us.

今日は西染工株式会社の「プラチナ ウェット タオル」をご紹介したいと思います。西染工株式会社さんは、タオルで有名な今治にある、染物会社です。



プラチナ ウェット タオル by 西染工株式会社



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