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麟 Lin by Kinshodo - Arita Porcelain Collection

I genuinely feel passionate about this range. For me, it was the closest thing to a "product-love at first sight".

The Arita porcelain range, "Lin" by Kinshodo, was created to celebrate 400 years of Arita porcelain.

The name "Lin" was born from its likeness to a metallic sound while paying homage to the master artist "Linzo Kaneko", an Arita porcelain artist in the Meiji and early Showa era who played a major role in building the foundation on which the Kinshodo brand stands today. His visionary design and prominent craftsmanship has been inspirational and remains at the core of many current-day works.

With its metallic texture and brilliant yet delicate colour tones, the "Lin" range is unique, stylish and modern. As you behold the simple design and unique beauty of the hand craftsmanship in each piece, beware, for the magical colours and beauty will draw you in. It is hard not to be inspired and to easily imagine what Linzo Kaneko was thinking all those years ago.

Each piece is crafted and painted by hand, creating individual character and a texture that you can see and feel. The collective beauty and synergy of your chosen set of Lin products can only be trumped when you use your favourite piece.

Please see for yourself, the various designs from the "Lin" range, at the Kinshodo HomePage:


有田焼の陶磁器問屋、金照堂さんの商品、「麟 Lin」シリーズ。Linシリーズは、有田焼400年に向けて、金照堂さんが作られた商品です。


「金子 麟造」さんは、卓越した職人技と先見性に


「麟 Lin」はメタリックな響きとマイスター


メタリックでエッジの効いた質感に、幻想的な光彩のトーン。「麟 Lin」はユニークで、スタイリッシュで、モダンな作品です。デザイン自体はとてもシンプルなのですが、その美しさからしばらく目を離すことができませんでした。微妙な色合いもとても素敵です。

「麟 Lin」はすべて手作りだそうです。ですので、表面の色合いや、筆の刷毛の跡などが一つ一つ異なります。そんなデリケートな違いも是非楽しんでいただきたい逸品です。

「麟 Lin」シリーズはこちらの金照堂さんのHPからご覧に、またお買い求めになれます。

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